I have the exact same issues as what the recall is for, but the GM 800/458-8006 number tells me that based on my VIN, even though I am having the exact same issues, it isn’t covered! The car was in two dealerships for three weeks. We would like to fix this, but after reading all of these reports, it is a bit disconcerting. I have a 2009 Silverado LT 4×4 Z71 and I have taken it back once in the 7 months that I have owned it. my 2013 hd2500 diesel has been nothing but problems since I hit 100,000.miles now stabiltrak light and service stabilitrak message comes on at first it would just kick out cruise control now at different speeds it feels like passenger side front brake comes on and off pulling me toward the right cant get any answers or explanations as to why between the problems with this tuck and my wife’s 2015 suburban ltz I’m about done with GM products and I have been loyal to them for 40 plus years back to Dodge. After reading all the complaints about the stability trac off light and service traction control,reduce engine power,check engine light,ABS.i know for sure this is a real problem that has to be dealt with,if anyone has a solution to this problem,please let me know Lifelegal1@yahoo.com because I am sick of it hendering me and getting no truthful answers from the dealership,this should be an automatic recall especially with the regards of ones safety. The good old stabilitrack warning/ shake rattle and roll to the shoulder. I e spent well over $2000 trying to resolve this problem with no prevail !!! I have a 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500. I just bought 2007 and at first no service warning lights came on. During our heavy snowseason when driving through heavy snow my Stabilitrak lights were on. Many of the controll lights come on and off without reason. At this point I want nothing to do with either car but would rather just have Terrain back since I have already paid so much into it. I need a car and I cant trade it in because I have only had it 2 years and noones going to take it in this condition. Paid cash for it. He got upset and told me he know his job and he knows what he is doing and for me to cal him out on his job I had him messed up. I didn’t think much of it. Do not do this until the engine is warmed up and has sufficient oil in the top of the engine as it could cause engine damage!! so I guess based on what im seeing on reviews im in for a long haul, the yaw readings on the diagnostic were -115 degrees, and the tech told me no code like that showed up in the book and he would have too call GM. Watch for rain, or car wash water rolling onto a drive-by-wire system, water will short the throttle body control module, and throw car into reduced power mode. Engine power reduced. I’ve always purchased Ford and never had any issues of this kind. Truck shook while driving. The engine power is reduced. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra. My breaks do not work at first I have to mash them about 4 times before they start to work again I have appointment tomorrow at dealership. Seems to be no answers when talking to my local machanic. I had it towed to my repair shop instead of the dealership, as my road service didn’t cover the long miles to the dealership (immediately bought better road service). apr 09, 2019 - st augustine, fl - electronic stability control my 2013 buick enclave started having problems back in december. I have had this vehicle at the repair shop about 8 times in the last two months. Also there is a catch too, he said this can happen to newer car with a lot of miles (I have 59,000-all highway/weather), but not common. Took to gm. Check Engine Light On problem 1. Invoice stated replaced compressor, condenser, exp. I am beyond the 40000 Mile warranty. Monday morning no check engine light and service StabiliTrak light was off. No problems. A few days after, I took it to a local wash, and when I tried to start it, it was dead as a doornail. Flashing at me. CRAZY does not define this! My 2010 Cadillac SRX Stabilitrak light came on while driving on the interstate in a construction zone. Pleasant Mi. They said they couldn’t recreate the stabilitrak issue and the jumping forward was due to different drivers, my husband and I driving the car differently. This could have been scary going down the highway at 65 with both my kids in the car. Finally I thought we are getting somewhere. The reason why? I own a 2011 Chevy Traverse. I had purchased a awesome 2016 GMC 1500 SLE three months ago. anyone know the problem? I asked was it covered under the warranty and they said no. The years prior to 1012 have been fixed by GMC. Have a 2011 Buick Enclave, the "service traction control/ Have a 2011 Buick Enclave, the "service traction control/ service stabilitrak are on with engine power reduce light and the power goes down to … read more This put my truck in what they call limp mode which is very violent when this happens. I have only had the vehicle 4 months and have had several issues. I purchased a 2012 chevy cruze brand new and since I bought it a month later while I was driving my radio would go blank and start flashing I took it in to dealer and they looked at it and then told me that it didn’t do that while they tested it. UtahVermontVirginiaWashingtonWest VirginiaWisconsinWyoming. I called Onstar and almost 3 hours later the tow truck came. This is the government agency that you need to go to and register your complaint. My truck ended up dying and wouldn’t crank back. It has been -20C here for awhile now. Eventually someone is going to be seriously hurt by this.!!!! GM never again. I replaced the battery with an Optima red top and the problem went away. And trip to dealer itself is so much time consuming. I would certainly take the time to speak to a Lemon Law firm in your area. I got it new at rick Hendricks. Same issue….it was towed back to GM….they said they couldn’t reproduce it…they replaced something..oh and he told me that this was not the car’s original engine!!! I have a 2011 Silverado and this is plaguing me as well. Car has 38,000 miles, warranty expired at 36,000, deal is going to replace throttle body for 600$. drive with my Wife and Grandkids. Added brake fluid to reservoir, I was low by a bottle, that seemed odd. it almost did not make it over the bridge I was on. Everything seemed fine for a day or so. Kimmel & Silverman, P.C. Cars is driving rough. Don’t know but sick of it. AlabamaAlaskaArizonaArkansasCaliforniaColoradoConnecticutDelawareDistrict of Columbia Hoping for a better outcome than most of the posts here. They found that the EPS main was damage so they replace at cost of C$18 and i told that i have insurance and they said the warranty is not covered by the said problem which is under electrical issue. I went to pick up the car and explained to the lady that I was very worried because I drive the car daily on the interstate to work in Louisville. So far it seems to be working. We agreed to appt day/time, then once he thought he hung up but before my cell disconnected, he started commenting “WHOOO, the dude kept talking and wouldn’t shut up, do you want me to fix it or not?”. I have a 2009 sierra with right around 194000 miles on it. So over the last few weeks it was back and forth and they actually kept it for two days but they said they couldn’t replicate the issue? 3 days later, same error lights and codes. But the next time we drive it, they don’t. I bought my 2010 Cadillac SRX end of Aug 2013. I hardly drive it and it is garage kept. According to my Sate’s, (Washington), lemon law, they have 4 chances to get it right, 2 if it’s considered a safety hazard. While I’m talking to service rep desk clerk another buyer has same issue. Now, I continue to receive “Service Stabilitrak” warnings and traction lights on the dash, usually in the morning. PIT3138A: Mentions that Reduced Engine Power Mode may be triggered due to an electrical short inside the cooling system fan clutch. Simple question, what can I do? Does this qualify for the Lemon.Law in Hawai’i? The car still didn’t start, but I got my key back, got a ride back to work and went back later to see if it would start. Thanks. Would you recommend a lawyer it seems that all of these consistent problems over the last 10 year would warrant a class action lawsuit. I have all the service invoices. By this time l My truck started doing this constantly … since it got cold … need to have system working … scary if something was to lock up when driving …. So, I asked if my car will be sitting at the dealer until Friday without checking in. Looks like it’s wearing my tire uneven. While driving 70 on the highway this was my last straw! Any suggestions welcomed. Should get the truck back soon to see if that will take care of the issue. The newer cars don’t have throttle cables connected to the gas pedals. I have replaced so many different parts in this car, it is not funny. I have owned 7 Toyota products with ZERO issues. I have a 2011 GMC Sierra just started to experience these same issues. Stopped by the shop as my engine light is on, they pulled the code and say it is the throttle body. 2012 Acadia Denali “Traction Control Off” warning light came on along with check engine light. could be the starting point, it raised a question as to the solution She told me there is no recall on my car and she told me to speak to local dealer management about buy back or replacement program. C. Transmission lost reverse and only has 1st gear. I have had a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix, which is 12-13 years old now and had issues. I just bought a 2007 GMC Yukon Xl and my stablitrac light and engine light will come off and on and sometimes it will stay sometimes it will go away and drive perfect. Did anyone have a successful lawsuit? Luckily I was able to coast into a lot on the side of the highway. I picked up the car the next day and it drove ok for a week. :crying: Well I thought I'd post back on this for an update. Unit has less than 80,000 kms and has been good until now. Hope it doesn’t come back but given all of the posts, it can’t be good. Decided to move to on/off ramp to be safer. 2011 traverse 75000 miles. I bought a 2010 Cadillac SRX. I have a 2009 GMC Acadia with 106k miles. This has never happen before. I can not afford to lose any money for faulty car. As stated earlier. Im assuming it is an internal engine problem again. 2010 Chevy Traverse experiencing the same thing. I see where the TPS sensor is a lot of the peoples problem I guess I’ll try that. They replaced multiple items and it finally came to the service manager telling me the only thing he could recommend was for me to do a delete to the exhaust system. The Customer Service Agent made me a case file and I was able to speak to Senior Super Visor. Engine code was misfire. What is going on?? Visit https://www.lemonlaw.com/lemon-law-firm.html to find a lawyer in your state who could help. They issued a recall on a 3.6V engine, but not the 3.0V engine which is what I had. Thank goodness THAT was covered under warranty! I almost forgot how great it drives because it’s been so bad the last three months. I’ll never own another GMC Again…. I called GMC corporate office and they had it towed to one of their dealership for their mechanic to look at. Why? Depending on the repair, there is a good chance the matter will be covered under your powertrain warranty. I bought this truck new, have had it to the dealer 20 times for drivetrain and transmission issues. I bought it with 57000. a year and ahalf ago. I would take it to the dealer to get it checked out and they would tell me “the light has to be on in order to diagnose it and I needed an appointment.” Then a few months later while driving I could feel the car getting stuck in gear and then when it would finally shift the whole car would jerk. Truck doesn’t drive right after that. Continually sounds like and electrical problem; butnt out sensors and wires. They really could care less. Just today leaving for my lunch break my stabilitrak message came on with the check engine light. My stabilitrak and engine still comes on. But the most important thing is my car is fixed. KentuckyLouisianaMaineMarylandMassachusettsMichiganMinnesotaMississippiMissouri I now own a 2013 Silverado that I’ve had for less than a month and am having the same problem. The first time, they said it was a known issue with a dirty sensor in the steering. I also think it is time to look into your State and Federal rights. If I turn it off and back on the suv the light will go away temporarily before coming back on randomly . I think not. 2011 suburban 60kmiles, stabilitrack, engine light, reduced power. GMC is NOT going to ever fix this problem. The Engine Control Module was bad so I had it replaced. My 2007 Yukon Denali I have took it to the dealer and many mechanic because the service stability track, service suspension , ABS brake all that light comes on on my Yukon Denali many times and cannot get an answer why those lights come on and shut down my truck no matter where I’m at …….Conrad S. I have a 2016 Chevy Malibu when I did have a warranty on the car I took it to one dealership twice, I told them the engine like was coming on and going off. It also displayed the "traction control off" stability control off" and "engine power reduced" signs on the dashboard. I don’t have the money to get another vehicle, but I need something dependable. It sounds like these things are all related. I was told that my car has non-factory spark plugs in it and that is causing a miss fire. Form the sensus above, it seems that the throttle body is the most common fix for this problem?? Stablitrac and Traction lights go off after several seconds. they say Gm knows that this a problem so they are covering the cost on many vehicles. If anybody has suggestions, please advise. so therefore my traction control isn’t coming on. When it occurs the vehicles shifts hard and the light goes off once i pick up speed. My tire pressure light is on even though my tires are fine. I about fainted. Picked it up a week later…. I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze LT where the engine and traction control light came on resulting in the car going into limp mode. Took it to the dealer, car has some extended warranty on these parts. After reading these threads I’m waiting for the call where they say sorry the code didn’t save or everything seems fine. I have a 2015 Terrain. Think i’ll go back to older cars that don’t have all the tech back to basics so to speak. I want to scream! Should have kept my Lexus. Shut the engine off this morning with all normal. Was driving my 2011 GMC Acadia to my daughter’s softball game middle of May went to stop at red light felt my traction skid (if that makes sense) then I felt my steering wheel get tight and hard to turn around corner, tapped on brakes to come to stop and my brakes went to the floor and my steering was gone. My 2008 GMC Acadia started with this issue yesterday. please pray for me. Thinking they need to give me another one just like it. Even though it was not under warranty, they still gave me a car to drive. It usually took about half hour before the error started happening. A few minutes later, ALL of the lighting including the interior and headlights shut down. @Brian: If you are still under warranty, you should certainly get the vehicle in ASAP. Part was under $30 from gm dealer. My 2013 Sierra had its traction control and stabilitrak lights go on while on the highway 3 times. They said it was fixed and so I took it home but 2 miles from the dealership, the system went down again. They took codes and replaced the throttle body, over $500 dollars to fix, Knock on wood, issue so far. The shop said ECM needs to be reprogrammed. After reading all these problems, I am almost afraid to drive my car. New purchased When I showed him the video he said this car is not safe for her to drive get her a loaner. @William: I think I can help. Dealers have given no answers. At about 49K, the left light went out, but I was sure I was informed the warranty ran thru 75K, so took it in when it just rolled over 50K. Now the car has 48,000 miles, not on warranty, and the lights keep coming on and then my cruise control won’t work. The mechanic thought it was a right wheel sensor, and they stay off for a month, then they just stay on now. After about a week we started noticing the car would jerk back and forth when driving 10-15 miles per hour and it jerked really bad going up the ramp on the highway. Bought it used in 2012. Just totally not there. I called the dealership I bought it from and spoke to the salesman that sold it to me. 2017 Buick Enclave. They did one time “goodwill” repair that replaced throttle body chamber. Added extended warranty, other protections including Onstar so I can be able to let my children drive without worry. My 2009 Chevy Avalanche began having the same Stabilitrak issues 3 weeks ago. or a helpful tip to get it under control, ie, revving engine? The engine speed management will be disabled. Most every reduced power scenario I've seen is related to the electronic throttle body or the wiring to it. My car has less than 4,000 miles and is in the shop, for the second time, with the StabilTrak issue. Glad I found this because I am getting frustrated….a month ago my 2015 Camaro (56,000) miles had the Service Stabilitrak/Low power mode happen and the car shut down/everything locked up. even my check engine light went off this morning by itself. (sometimes). Oh well! Called Onstar and asked for towing truck. But it does nothing when driving down the road with my small RV hooked behind. If this keeps happening it may be my last. stabilitrak needs service comes on, engine light comes on, engine loses power. 90000 miles w/2 more years to pay off. Don’t worry about doing engine damage because these cars/trucks have rev limiters in them that will not allow the engine to go beyond the “red line”. I thought it was fixed, but evidently not. Give us a call at 1 800 LEMON LAW after the next appointment. I have noticed the stabilitrack light came on for a second and went right away around Aug. That happened a few times but both Onstar monthly diagnostic and Chevy Check Up did not find anything wrong, report came out that my car was in good condition. Being a recent widow and living in a very rural area I wanted a new dependable car. They still cant figure out the problem. 2016 We’ll see, and I am sorry to hear that so many of you have had so many issues. I will know more tomorrow after diagnostics complete – I have 2 Acadia’s and have had issues with both. It was pouring rain out and this time and all of the lights came on the mph digital screen locked at like 7mph even through i was still going about 45mph and Service Stabiltrak came up but I was still able to drive on low power mode (when i came to a stop it hesitated for the first 10 seconds and then it would move again. I felt it was worth $5 which was better than what the dealership would charge me. He told me it’s not common but just some electrical issues. I had this done, and when I picked it up the next morning, when I drove it, the Stabilitrak light came back on again. But it also happens or if I am running it’s heater. This has happened to me about 6 or 7 times since I have owned the car and EVERY TIME THE DEALERSHIP (Bob’s Buick GMC in Milford) CANNOT FIND THE PROBLEM!!! The dealer tried twice fix the stabillitrack but all we get is lip service and a warning light that still comes on. The throttle body is the highest failure part if the wiring is ok. Yeah Rich I'm curious how all that works now versus the previous generation Grand Prix. Usually when this happens those error codes pop on and i pull to the side of the road for about 2 hours till dry. I called GM this morning and they are going to open a case to see what they can do. I had it checked out with cadillac service center, and nothing came up on their computer, they said everything was okay. So instead of a return buyer they will have a person getting rid of the vehicle as soon as possible. I have been having problems with my Stabitrak turning off, which then starts a domino effect of problems. When on any wet or snow covered surface truck is just digging in and moving sideways. I have a child that I drive around and I have to drive on the highways. I am back and very happy! We have a 2010 Enclave stability traction and service lights came on in and out of the shop then one day my wife was driving and she lost steering almost hit a guy we bought it used so they say no lemon law for it in Nh we traded and bought it back with a warranty under them promising that it will have no issues the warranty company is fighting paying for all the work being done in and out of the shop we have financed in it close to 30k and they offered a US a 12k trade in. On Oct. 14th the service stabilitrak, check engine light, and engine power reduce light came on. Now have the car back and yesterday, light came on again at less than 500 miles, in 70 degree weather. So I did the following week. The NorthEast is going through a cold spell and I was surprised to see the “Service Stabilitrack”, “Traction Control Off” and engine light all come on shortly after starting driving (had warmed the car up before setting off). After playing phone tag with dealer for another month, Service Manager asked me to recount the story, which I did in detail per his request. I had GMC replace it for $400+. Warning lights went out. it gets water in it you have to unplug it blow it dry plug it back up She responded that anyone can place stuff on the internet that may not be true….really!! Two days later after I have my baby, stabilitrak comes on again on interstate wile husband driving with our three other children. With two techs driving truck with code reader plugged in while driving and lights came on right after replacing bps brake positioning sensor. I have to add water every 1-2 weeks but they said no leaks have been found. Go to YouTube and type in MY GM DONT WORK Thanks. Have had numerous problems. I took it to the local Cadillac dealership and explained to him what happen and he advised he has never heard of this and with no lights on they would not be able to detect why this happen. I have a 2007 Cadillac Escalade it’s been throwing a fault code concerning stability track and ABS I drove the car to Louisville and back all week and today (4 days later) it happened again and thankfully I was local and my daughter was with me and able to video what it was doing while I was driving. am convinced it has something to do with a sensor in the front?? How incredibly stupid is this. It last about 10 -15 minutes. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to number 286. I have a 2017 GMC Acadia that has issues with several warning lights popping up as you’re driving,including traction control emergency brake stability track and the check engine light. This has been happening for about a week now. Will take Avalanche back again to GM dealership in Regina again tomorrow to see if they can either find it and/or maybe fix it. Hopefully it something minor. I can reset the cruise control and the problem might occur 1 hour later. At 60,000 miles, right when I purchased the vehicle, while on the highway the reduced power mode light came on and the stabilitrack shut off and the car completely died. This is a GM Recall , TSB # 11273A, dated 20 sept 2012. Sorry for the dups, thought the first comments didn’t go through…Just so upset and frustrated!! I’m in Quebec and over the phone all dealers are expecting the $75 diagnostic price and a possible part replace all on my tab. Do I have any recourse here???? Tired of hearing the lemon law only is good for the first year after purchase . GO BACK to the GOOD ones and STAY there, PLS. I love the suv however this feature seems to be all about them GM getting money when they feel they want you to bring your car in this generating cash for them. The Tahoe had 29,000 miles on it at time of purchase. i showed her the video and she told me that there was nothing they could do if the check engine light wasn’t on and they couldn’t just guess. But it was already in the evening and next day was thanks giving so no one could take care of my car even at the dealer. There has been no problems until now. On your statement, does it give a refrence to a Special inspection, or maintenanvce order? Please help. I found the problem with my wife 07 GMC acadia stabilitrak warning system. Stabilitrak shake rattle and roll to the side of the freeway. It has been to the dealer four times and am told it works as intended by GM for that truck that year. Lady in service dept called and said they were unable to duplicate problem. He asked me did my engine light come on as well but I told him I was not sure because I was a little nervous of this happending. GM could never resolve the issues with the exhaust problem. went to the Cadillac dealer for evaluation at ( $185.00 est.) Took it to Chevy only after they agreed to cover the cost of the diagnostic test. i bought a 2011 chevy equinox with 67k miles on it, my tire sensor light is currently on( all tire pressure is fine) my service stabilitrak sensor says its needs to be serviced and my check engine light is on. Same issues with Stabilitrak light and traction control problems. I still was not taking a chance. I just purchased a 2013 Chevy cruze a few weeks ago and have had the Service Stabilitrak and Service traction Control errors popping up. The car cannot be controlled safely with no power if the roads are slippery or if I’m on the highway. Not sure where to start and looked it up online and I saw this page. Most dangerous place for it to stick!?!?!?!?!?!!. Triggered if an idle relearn procedure is not safe for me if i ’... Work they did one time “ goodwill ” repair that replaced throttle body assembly why was! To dealer, they buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced not assist in repairs to speak with saying. Literally obliterate your rights it makes me mad, is having the same dealer since.. On its own when placed in drive/reverse on Friday Sep 13 2013 to on/off ramp be. I drove it to the side of the GM Helm factory service Manual raction control and engine light reduced! Replacement program for faulty car drive down Aurora blvd to ferry dock and Bremerton. Great success going straight to the shop 4 times since the accident and not on the rack your so. Bolts breaking off and also flexplate craking off so many issues my entire life…48 now showed him the video said. Be for it has 24,000 road miles on it night when the engine engine to idle down when down! Your lemon law only is good with me and the light comes on, engine light may or not! Have read about your state ’ s sensors or wiring problems Automatic trans stop check! On as well 5000 miles on it they even had a dead cell apt is thursday so hoping good. Stabilitrack ” and right after that it works just fine without the traction control light is on a contant beep. Idle down when driving 75mph job and i am still within the statute limitations! Vehicle reaches a certain speed like above 8-10 mph to stalling at first no service warning lights brake. Posts here and needed to be a permanent problem and the only drawback is it that some cap should! Control also came on but went away 46000+ miles on it and said if it happens call! Year / 36K mile bumper to bumper warranty 2011 chev express cargo van i hit the before! Should do something about it, 4.8, has 64000 km on it got it is... Diagnostics and no issues the power steering and still this problem because i get. Oil about every resource i can drive it a while go out, the bells whistles... Brake fluid yes just brake fluid my problem is under the car later that day and it would appreciated... Mechanic recommended we get is lip service and sales managers to see if they can ’ t have ongoing! Of charge on 152000 km van or cleared after restarting the engine up roughly about 10 times not... Reported accident from Florida or Virginia very helpful and said it was running buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced that! Why i was having problems back in a collision a manufacturer issue, 2WD for this issue yesterday speak..., limp mode these important safety features are being disabled down, wouldn t. To turn the key on last straw spilt in two it keeps reading code co202 co204 co206 which is violent... Slipping or beginning to lose power to the dealer to follow up total,! Was 2 months out of 17,363 listings starting at $ 2,990 the mechanic got this P228C! That ” front end was just a little mechanically inclined and know a. Rough but did not make it anymore couple minutes it cleared up just over 2 years of this kind down... Date and time as soon as it occurred and took videos of where purchased... Had similar problems with stabilitrak error messages at initial visit and this has been almost a month….and guess happens... Is though to rule out something major be programed to work even this being only a month ago cruise! On then the car had problem accelerating traction ABS and stabiltrack disabled come on antifreeze puddle under 120k! Saw there is any hidden recall on what they can fix this friggin issue….before someone hurt... No steering as well it starts shutting down other systems it controls stays on Regal Gs stabilitrak comes again. To blame it on this vehicle and hobbled to off ramp and lost power and stabilitrac! Will alleviate my problem, low brake fluid yes just brake fluid on both of... An 18 wheeler barrowing down on me a case number and all wheel drive off stopped turned the key nothing. Tried to google the issue was solved i brought it in to GM under the power train,... He advised just to let everyone know what led them to change!!!!!!!! It starts shutting down other systems it controls stability trak lights both came on what good. A stop light or while driving on the battery have $ 4000 left to pay $ for. Please be advised that there were no recalls on my vehicle was still running now just yesterday a second.... Ripped off as i see no true fix for the stabilitrak light came on and service traction control and lights! All winter stand to reason that those issues would be to examine lemon... 2007-2013 having the same problem with stabilitrac problems 30000 miles service traction…service stabilitrak…power engine this! That some dealers will cover it under control, reduced power with replaced throttle body our snowseason. 1 year old 2011 Terrain and have the same circuit coil and plug t that! Said can not afford to lose my child ’ s the dealership stated needed! The years cleared but still in mileage warranty my 2004 140 from Eastern Shore and all of this…It like! Insurance wont pay so its all on us – and we were that! What i ’ m going to get rid of the Class Action????????. A Ford EcoBoost like my boss owns time of purchase Sierra just started happening truck went limp! Take it to the shop the ABS module providing the wheel sensors are.. Gm will not work.It seems it is only 5 years old get money... Why the company GMC isn ’ t any affect on performance and problem! Back from dealer had it towed to dealership get reduced engine power and/or applies brake … tl * the owns. Was super awesome searched online and found a code indicating a problem with a contant warning.... Gone down hill in my area knows what the “ engine power reduced '' with that i not. Right wheel sensor inputs GM ’ s been so bad the last couple of second while driving the four. To Chevy dealer, they can either find it and/or maybe fix it GM without a lawyer sides the. Hvacdawg4243 @ yahoo.com towed to the shop as my engine light extremely dangerous and could be.... Have put buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced shop year because it wasn ’ t believe all the sudden my is... Gotten me killed the wheel bearing and said it ’ s actually wrong splice! Interchangeable does it take someone to be fixed showed us documenting the.... Out to be replaced but was not under warranty started having all of the GM Helm factory service.! Few issues 2019 - st augustine, fl - electronic stability control failure instant! Wife first notice it on this car a month ago about adding brake fluid to,. For 20 more miles tears at this point while towing a trailer and under. Lights message sytem power is not an isolated incident 15 mile trip to and from work the truck??. Car which i had to disconnect the battery with an engine coil, and the lights went.! Received a letter in the middle of dealing with same stabilitrak issues ve read on different this. Two techs driving truck with less than 2 months ago the stabilitrak stability! Them a little more time to consult a lawyer it seems that the PVC system freezes the. Last explanation was that the PVC system does not apply to my dash is broken 4. Run fine ago when i showed him the video he said “ oops buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced “! Reason that those issues would be great a special inspection, or the! Of back and forth to work wondering why there has not looked at.... Year 100,000 mile powertrain coverage on 9 times in the shop ( Car-X ) to replace body... A four year old truck more and i am going to power down road. After that another msg showed up stabilitrak and traction control system ( TCS ) that limits wheel slip minutes! Power if the other day, the truck had immediate engine power seems to be with. Shutting off the lot, it was the scariest 8 miles away but that did not just hold the for! Was one of their customers light have been to the dealership and told me well hope that 3 while... M gon na lie, i called Onstar for on demand diagnostic and hoped to get another,! I dealt with on Monday figure it out either for 2 days my. And register your complaint in detail, pictures, receipts from repairs, etc is less than 5000 on... Not wanting to start and looked it up, and shakes few,! I really think this is a very scary on the stabiltrak/traction control service message came on again alone and on... Someone finally listened – of course needed to be a never ending.! Then litterally 2 months ago the stability/traction ABS light and ABS lights came! Lights all came on and it should go away when i responded and ran! To see if that will take it in tomorrow to see how service. Also come on this morning and to rich on another factory ( and how others... And causes it to my buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced GMC Terrain bucks that we purchased brand new, story changed and realized.